About the iKnowBirdSongs Creators

iKnowBirdSongs is created by a father-and-son team of experienced bird watchers.

Bird in Snow

About the iKnowBirdSongs Creators Bird in Snow

iKnowBirdSongs is created by a father-and-son team of experienced bird watchers.

Scientific Advisor Larry Underwood

The principal scientific advisor, Dr Larry Underwood, is a PhD biologist with experience as a professor, field biologist, author, and birder. His credentials include 30+ years as a professor of biology at George Mason University, the University of Alaska, Northern Virginia Community College, and others.

His research interests focus on cold adaptation, particularly of Arctic animals. Dr Underwood is co-author of BioInquiry (John Wiley & Sons, 2001 to present). He has authored four other books, numerous peer-reviewed papers, and popular articles. Dr. Underwood is a dedicated environmentalist and is deeply concerned with the conservation of North American wildlife, particularly birds.

iKnowBirdSongs (version 1) is FlipCard Apps first product. Several other products are currently under development.

App Designer Matthew Underwood

The principal app designer, L. Matthew Underwood is a budding app designer who shares his father's passion for birding. He is a grant recipient and is presently completing studies for a degree in Computer Information Systems/ Business at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN. Both creators share a commitment to promoting the joy of bird watching and the appreciation and protection of bird species and the natural world to a wide audience. iKnowBirdSongs is the first app created for FlipCard Apps. Several future projects are under development.

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With questions regarding any of our apps or future projects, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


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